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Roger Dubuis gave the watch a moronic name. I love the "EasyDiver" part (a la Easy Rider). I kid you not, they actually named it the "EasyDiver Hours, Minutes, and Small Seconds." And people wonder why I make fun of the watch industry. "Check out my cool new car...the Wheels, Engine, and Steering Wheel." Aside from a name you don't want to utter yourself, the entry level EasyDiver is a great timepiece. The cool character is accompanied by a beautiful in-house made automatic movement (more on that in a second), and is also a limited edition. Should totally be part of the brands permanent collection though, in my opinion. Actually all the new EasyDiver watches for 2010 are limited editions... wonder why that is.

The 900 S name means "900 Schwartz," which is "black" in German. The "S" label on an Sinn watch means that it is a black version of a timepiece that is also available in a non black version. I just get so much more excited about the 900 S rather than the 900. The watch has a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 movement, but it has a GMT module on it. Thus the watch has a GMT hand. It also has an internal rotating diver's bezel - but in this instance Sinn calls it a pilot bezel. That might mean it rotates in both directions, and as you can see, each number in the 60 minute scale is printed out. Makes for a neat look. The hands and markers on the dial are easy to read and lack nonsense - they are also applied with a bunch of lume. On the back of the watch case, engraved in the caseback are various measurement conversion tables - a nice functional use of the caseback for quick and rough conversions.

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Operating the watch winder is really simple. Basic operation simple involves a small on/off switch in the front of the unit. While in operation, the switch occasionally blinks green. The number of blinks has to do with the mode it is in (which can be changed via connecting the unit to your computer). I like the little pulsing green light, and the ease of operating the winder. Over the watch winder access area there is a folding transparent door that protects the watch. The door click into place via the hinges, and has a good solid built quality to it.

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For most of our history we have been building boats. The eons of experience have allowed us to realize that the sea is an incredibly unforgiving place. Just making a boat worthy of an ocean voyage far away from shore is tough. It is tempting to use the best and most capable materials that are available. So what do you do if you want a cross-continent traveling green ship? Four years of R&D apparently. IWC is a patient sponsor. The Plastiki was pretty far behind schedule. It needed reevaluation a few times, but the finished result was promising. Like all good experiments, the project resulted in a new use for used plastic bottles. Through some basic processing, they can be turned into a fiberglass like material that is very hard (at least as strong as fiberglass as I understand), workable, and a bit flexible as well. Most of the Plastiki is built out of the stuff. The hand-done job makes the ship feel like a polished craftsman project. A lot like concept watches make totally by hand.

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A particularly attractive line from Maurice de Mauriac of Zurich is this Moon Chronograph watch collection. It comes in many different versions (see here), but is a pretty clever take on use of a Valjoux 7751 automatic movement. Seen here is the top of the line piece in solid pink gold, but the diversely customizable collection is offered in various case sizes, in various materials, with various dials.

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Of Armenian descent, John grew up in Lebanon, moved to Switzerland, and then eventually to the US. The obvious analog is Nicolas Hayek, “ruler” of the Swatch Group who didn’t quite make it to the US from Switzerland, and is also from Lebanon. Simonian speaks several languages, but isn’t quite sure where he picked up English. Among them are Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, French, German (Swiss German as well), and a spattering of words and conversational skills in others as well. Learning this makes me jealous that I only know two languages. It seems that many successful business people are multi-tongued.

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The most avant garde aspect of this Soarway GMT is the bezel. The uni-directional diver's bezel has but one indicator on it. At the top, with a lume dot and a black ring around the "eye" just like "Alex" in A Clockwork Orange. Plus the whole bezel with its notches (like eyelashes) and the dial color contrast reminds me of this iconic "man with single eye in drag" look. Fake eye lashes on a man trying to be a man never did quite look as good since the film. In fact, I am going to dedicate the the Kobold Soarway GMT Avantgarde watch to A Clockwork Orange. Not only did that little resemblance occur to me, but the style of the watch seems to fit in the classic 1970s shock film. Stanley Kubrick would be proud. I really do love that movie - genius. Though the book is incredibly hard to read. You literally need to sit there with a Russian dictionary to read it, as every few words is something in Russian.

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This video that was made to illustrate the partnership between Melges yachts and Cuervo y Sobrinos feels like a beer commercial from the early 1990s. I wonder what brew is enjoyed on deck during a high energy yacht regatta race on a speedy Melges 32? Sounds like Swiss owned, Cuban inspired Cuervo y Sobrinos should team up with Jose Cuervo - and dream up a new Latin lager. Mmm.. frosty. Is drinking while boat racing a good idea? I just see the boat - loaded with guys in identical outfits - running around trying to pull ropes with one hand, and their beers fly out of their other hand overboard.  After the race is over everyone kicks back a few more Cuervo Latin Lagers (that actually has a good ring to it), and passes out on the deck. Sounds like an upscale Corona ad. I should go into marketing.

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The synthesis of this new book is actually really interesting, and kind of unusual. Most books are created with very specific purposes in mind — to sell copies, and make money. This book is a little different. While IWC of course wants to sell as many copies as possible, the book has other value. First, I think that IWC simply wanted to have a good grasp on its own history. I don’t know whose idea it was to make the book, but CEO George Kern but the ball in motion a while ago to chronicle the history and story of IWC. In cooperation of current and former IWC employees, as well as many historical documents, the task was given to German writer and journalist Manfred Fritz. It took him a few years to finish the job, but the result was a quite competent collection of the history and activities that made up the International Watch Company. The book would serve as a base, for while all future brand history could be added to. The value to Kern was that IWC could finally have a detailed and relatively precise authority on its history, values, and tradition. A very Germanic thing to do yes, but IWC is located in Schaffhausen which is quite close to Germany, and in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

It goes without saying that Seiko makes their own movements. Literally all components of the watch are made by Seiko as they are 100% vertically integrated. This is even applied to making balance springs (Seiko's patented SPRON brand) and growing their own quartz crystals for their quartz movements (they have a special facility to grow synthetic quartz crystals from "seed" crystals. Which are then harvested from a complex "quartz crystal" incubator as I call it). Actually one of the only things that Seiko needs to procure are raw synthetic sapphire crystals. These are then cut, shaped, polished, and finished by Seiko for use on their watch crystals. In a time where people are concerned with quality and the location of where a high-end good is manufactured, it is a reassuring thought for me to know that the Seiko Ananta line of watches it totally made by master watch makers in Japan, by a Japanese company. I feel the same level of comfort when I see that my Japanese camera is made in Japan, and not somewhere else.


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Actually, I do know what "" stands for (even though it is a silly set of characters for such a cool watch. It stands for "World Wide Time Control." This sounds like a device that a vintage era James Bond villain would have come up with, but the idea is sound. The idea is to be able and tell the time of any of the major world time zones right on the dial. This is done with a special type of rotating 24 hour disc and the labeling of the major reference cities around the periphery of the dial. System can also be used to tell which direction the sun is moving, and whether it is day or night time in cities. I say "major timezones" because we have something like 40 or more of them on Earth, but knowing 24 of them is what most people need.

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Uniquely used for the watches, and in retro fashion is the crystal. It is a very special type of Plexi-Glass. The idea is to look like the acrylic crystals of the past. It is domed, and specially treated to be quite hard and more scratch resistant that similar crystals. It also has a highly increased resistant to UV rays and chemicals, plus in to increase the "depth of shine" (not totally sure what that means).

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Ball researched and developed a special function for the watch called the Amortiser. The allows you to lock the automatic rotor into place to prevent damage to it during high shock activity. To "amortize" the rotor, you need to take off the watch and physically twist the propeller shaped disc on the back of the watch. You can feel it lower a bit and lock down. This prevents the rotor from moving. To release it, you just twist the disc back the other way. Just don't forget to release it after your period of 'high shock' is over. The watch will still function when the rotor is secured off power from the mainspring, and you can still manually wind the watch if you like. This cool piece of technology is perfect for things you do everyday like:

Through the years, the movement has provided a versatile element within the artistic formations of the watches it powers. Last year, for 80th anniversary of the Calibre 101, Jaeger LeCoultre introduced five new Haute Joaillerie models at the Venice Film Festival, issued in either a series of three or five.