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The Tread 1 is a large and interesting watch that I reviewed hands-on here. It has an imposing squarish case and can sound like an adding machine on your wrist. The Tread 2 on the other hand is smaller, designed with a different ethos, and priced about ,000 - ,000 less than its big brother. While it is less expensive, I feel that it is a better timepiece for most people. This is not only because it fits on more wrists, but because of its increased utility as a daily wear.

With 24mm lugs, there are lots of strap options due to the Panerai influence. I'd been meaning to check out the new segmented-plastic bracelets made popular by the JLC Navy Seals, so I bought one from Panatime to try here. At a super-light 33g for the bracelet, it's an excellent complement to a titanium watch:

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A first glance, the Bomber Regulator looks like a chronograph, but the single crown should easily remove that idea. A regulator style watch has three dials in total. Typically, the main dial is used for the minutes, while subdials are used for the hours and seconds. These watches are based on historic regulator clocks which were supposed to be highly accurate clocks people referenced in order to "regulate" other timepieces.

My own YouTube channel (aBlogtoRead), is a YouTube partner and has well over 300 videos most all related to timepieces. I was recently watching one of my own recent videos and was extremely surprised (and of course happy) to see a Rolex pre-roll ad with an adjacent supporting banner ad. The enjoyable sight was surprising given what I know about Rolex's highly conservative marketing policies. There was a full-length commercial celebrating Rolex's relationship with Wimbledon. I actually saw the same video recently uploaded to Rolex's own official YouTube channel that was formed a few months ago (also to my surprise).

So why isn't it just "gold Liquidmetal"? Because it isn't. The Liquidmetal process is very similar to Ceragold, but uses a different type of metal. Ceragold actually uses gold. In a nutshell, the ceramic bezel is formed and then the numeral and index holes are engraved in the ceramic bezel disc. After a conductive layer is formed in the engraved area, layers of 18k red gold are applied using an "electroforming" process. Next, the excess gold is polished off and the Ceragold bezel is finished. Omega details the Ceragold process rather well here.

The rest of the 51mm tall by 43 mm wide case of the watch is aDLC coated steel that is brushed with slight satin polished rounded corners, giving it a manly yet slightly shiny look and feel. The aDLC coating is supposed to be an improvement on DLC with features such as being highly scratch-resistant and being less prone to fingerprint marks. Just like most Cartier watches, the Santos' caseback is solid and includes the Cartier name in that classic font as well as the model name.

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In the watch industry, safes have most recently been combined with watch winders and other hobby "furniture" Brands I have written about such as Dottling and Buben and Zorweg have transformed the stalwart safe into a bona fide high-end lifestyle item. No longer something to hide in a closet or behind a false wall, they made the safe a beautiful piece of furniture to be flaunted - complete with built-in stereo, humidor, and whiskey cabinet. These companies helped make the safe itself a luxury item - in addition to the items it was meant to store.

Episode 100 - we finally made. Not that we are stopping here, but we'd like to remind you that we have been spending over 2 years talking watches with you. In this episode we discuss the Omega Speedmaster Racing, Breguet's Classique Chronometrie 7727 watch, Linde Werdelin's Oktopus II, and the availability of the HourTime iPhone app.

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OK, enough with that. Moving back to Mr. speedyhands - the Type XXII timepiece. I was with Breguet at their boutique here in Los Angeles checking out... well watches. They showed me the Type XXII 3880ST watch and i immediately noticed that it was different than the piece I previously discussed. The most noteworthy change was the removal of the linear indicator under 12 o'clock. Everyone thought it was a power reserve indicator - but it wasn't. It was actually part of the minute counter for the chronograph. Don't ask... it has been removed. The scales on the dials also changed. I think for the better. In addition to being more colorful, the scales are more useful for reading the 60 minute chronograph.

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There are many alloys of titanium - like all engineering metals. The most widely known one is Ti-6Al-4V also known as Grade 5. It is the alloy that we will mostly denote when we say titanium in this article. It is used in very demanding applications such as aircraft components, missiles etc. Grade 2 titanium for instance is considered Commercial Purity and has inferior properties, however still a very good material.

"Yellow Belly was the first project, and soon after, more came". I needed to get the word out about PetStraps and get the business going. To promote my business, I spent a lot of time at local veterinary offices. "I would look for people who were crying and assume they had just lost a friend like Yellow Belly." With him on my wrist, I felt like I could do anything. The challenging situation happened after a large man with a beard showed up crying after the vet walked him into the waiting room, patting him on the back. He just sat down like he didn't know where to go so I started to talk with him about my watch. The topic seemed strange to this recently pet-bereaved gentelman but he was probably happy to get his mind off of what had just happened. I learned that his roommate Yappers had died after they had spent more than thirty years together. I didn't realize it until later, but Yappers was a parrot. That was a challenge because I never thought of PetStraps as being made out of anything other than fur. Yappers was the first feathered strap and since then we have made PetStraps with everything from turtle leather to fish scales."

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But you reading this are an enthusiast and adopter of all things able to make your watch buying, wearing, and storing experience a success. So you want one (probably more) watch winders to use for your collection of automatic watches. Which leads me to a funny thing Orbita (and many other watch winder brands) do - place quartz watches as models on their winders when photographing them. Am I being nit picky or is that just silly?

So how did this Gerald Genta watch get a Bulgari name on it? Bulgari owned Gerald Genta for many years and in 2008 when the economy crashed they made an interesting decision. In order to control costs, the Bulgari brand would engulf Daniel Roth and Gerald Genta. This would save the watch models and reduce operating expenses. The best Daniel Roth and Gerald Genta watches would remain with slightly revised designs done in order to incorporate some Bulgari DNA - I first wrote about that here. As of now, the additional of Bulgari DNA mostly means altered dials and model names. On this Gefica model there is still a lot of Gerald Genta branding if you look closely.

In the watch Ball uses a Swiss ETA 2836-2 automatic movement with a day/date indicator. While I think the dial ideally could have used black day and date discs, the way it is now doesn't bother me. The hands could have also been a touch longer, but are bold enough not to cause any legibility issues. Ball will produce 999 pieces of this Big Boy Union Pacific Engineer Master II limited edition watch. It comes on a thick brown leather aviator style strap. I would have never guessed it, but the black dial looks fine with the brown strap. Price is about ,200.

Aside from color changes and being a limited edition - there isn't anything revolutionary about the HM3 Poison Dart Frog. It is another way to enjoy the great looking HM3 Frog, which remains such an iconic and distinct MB&F timepiece design. MB&F likes to point out that unlike the actual yellow-banded poison dart frog which is mostly found in Venezuela, this watch will only be found in Singapore. I did a cursory check of frog species in Singapore and didn't find any whose coloration patterns would lend themselves well to a luxury watch. MB&F's local authorized retailer, The Hour Glass, will be the sole place you can pick up an HM3 Poison Dart Frog watch. MB&F has limited the production to just ten pieces and they will be priced by The Hour Glass at 129,400 Singapore dollars each.

How can you enjoy a PetStraps watch strap? The process is fun and easy. If you anticipate the passing of a family member (non-human preferably), PetStraps will arrange for a courier to be on notice 24 hours a day in your area. You'll be given a special number to call after the final moments to arrange for immediate pick up. If the passing is unexpected, you can ship the pet to PetStraps overnight in a foam cooler with ice packs. PetStraps highly recommends placing a notice on the side of the cooler indicating that the "contents do not include human organs." That will certainly prevent delays in delivery. After a few weeks (depending on the strap and pet), you'll get a package in the mail that you'll love more than the new animal you purchased to replace the old one. "Strap Everlasting" is their motto.

Omega has always designed really nice watch cases. The new Speedmaster is no exception. Fit and finishing are good of course, and the overall design offers a grand look where the lugs work right into the side of the case. From the side, it looks like a layered sandwich. The crown is large, but not too big and sits into the case to help protect it. Chronograph pushers are simple and traditional in style. At its heart, the Speedmaster has always been the "nice conservative sports watch". It still is, and that is a really good thing in this context.

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Seiko Golgo 13 Watches

2. Breguet Classique Chronometrie 10 Hz Watch

Sylvester hasn't had the easiest last few months as his son Sage Stallone died of what I believe was a drug overdose in LA. That's got to be rough as I understand Stallone was a good dad to a kid that couldn't quite standup on his own two feet. It can't be easy living in Rambo Balboa's shadow.

I really enjoy the case shape (see above photos) which is clean and minimalistic but not in a way which detracts from the shape of the case itself. While I like the styling seen in the Vallelunga range, I cannot help but find the design of the handset to be flawed. My criticism is that the hour hand is the same color as the dial and, judging from the images on Autodromo's website, the hour hand literally disappears in some photos except for the small contrasting marker at its tip. Originally, I thought I was looking at a stopwatch or regulator-style watch which featured only a single long hour hand. It's unfortunate as I really like the other dial details like the big date display, the exposed screw heads which flank the center of the dial and the almost Mondaine-like simplicity of their designs.

The Romain Jerome Space Invaders watches are part of the Moon Invader collection, which itself was an extension of the Moon Dust DNA collection. The Moon Invader watch range has a case that resembles a moon lander of sorts, and uses some metal taken from Apollo XI spare parts. On the back of the watch is a special coin-style emblem that has a moon surface motif. Whether it has meaning on the watch is not relevant, it does seem to help complete the package.

The way it works is rather simple. You press the "on" button and some lights go on. First you read the hours to the left and then see whether it is AM or PM. You then look to the right and first look at the top numbers for the minute. You read the 10 minute markers first and then to-the-minute accuracy is determined by reading the lower list of numerals 01-09. Press the button again and you'll get the date. It is possible that you'll need to push the button more than once to read the time if you aren't that quick.