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Minute repeater watches are often very expensive, and some are wildly expensive. Most are very easily in the 0,000 plus range. Often much more. They are also to be distinguished from other complications that involve chimes (produced by hammers and gongs) such as a sonnerie. We don't know who makes the cheapest minute repeaters, but if you need a budget solution look for a quarter or five-minute repeater.

Hadfield became even more famous for delivering the space lifestyle experience back to earth via social media. In his own words, life in space was too great not to share. And share he did. His energy and dedication to zero-g life is inspiring, and I personally hope to see more active duty from the 50 year old plus dignitary to the stars. People like him are making it hard to wait for private enterprise to get their act together and start making more rockets and space shuttles. Until then, we are still paying passengers aboard Russian rockets.

Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer Manufacture Watch Hands-On Hands-On Inside the Manufacture

Dimensions: 31.6 x 10.56 mm (without gong)
37.6 x 10.56 mm (with gong)

It's one hell of an expensive Seiko, but research a bit and you'll see why Grand Seiko is one of the most respected marques in horology. Unique in-house Spring Drive automatic movement and Grand Seiko level finishing in a 200m-rated watch tough enough for sports and daily abuse. Consider it stealth luxury. Titanium keeps the weight down to 137g for a 44x14mm case. Price: ,600. grand-seiko.com

IWC Ingenieur Vintage Ref. IW323310

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Oris Calobra Limited Edition Racing Watch Hands-On

Oris Calobra Limited Edition Racing Watch Hands-On

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People held their breath as Rolex lifted the curtain on their 2013 watch collection when it was unveiled on the press day at Baselworld. We didn’t see anything revolutionary, but the new version of the GMT Master II was a popular hit among retailers and a good looking watch by all measures. The real innovation is the bezel. Of course in ceramic, it uses a patented Rolex process to produce a single piece with multiple colors. Rolex owns this technology, and its potential is exciting. For the day/night version of the GMT Master II, Rolex offers a perfectly half-and-half black and blue ceramic bezel used as an AM/PM indicator. That’s great, but what I really like is how it looks and what Rolex might do with it in the future. rolex.com

IWC Ingenieur 40mm Watch Review

IWC Ingenieur 40mm Watch Review

The 6002 Sky Moon Tourbillon employs the same calibre R TO 27 QR SID LU CL that was used in the ref 5002. This is a hand wound movement that is comprised of an astounding 686 parts and has a power reserve of 48 hours. The thirteen complications are displayed via both the front and rear dials. In the front you will find the time, a minute repeater with two cathedral gongs, a tourbillon, a perpetual calendar display and a moon phase display. The 5002 was slightly different up front as the 6002 drops the use of retrograde hands for much of the perpetual calendar display, opting instead to use a more traditional application of three apertures on the dial. This is a welcome change that makes the 6002 easier to read and opens up the dial for a better view of its enamel artistry. In the rear you will find an illustration of the northern sky that is adorned with a sidereal time display and an indication for both the angular progression and the phases of the moon.

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If the RM036 is as durable as Richard Mille claims it to be, then we have another rather impressive piece of ludicrously over-engineered mechanical porn that certainly gets our wheels turning. Rather than the watch acting as a safety tool, I have a feeling that would-be racers with more money than good sense will use it to see how far they can make the needle go while rapidly braking their Lambos and Porsche's on the track. Richard Mille will produce just 15 pieces in this limited edition set of RM036 G-Sensor watches in titanium. Price is 0,000. richardmille.com

Hexa K500 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Eterna Calibre 39 Watch Movement: Valjoux 7750 Alternative And So Much More Watch Releases
No doubt in light of the fact that ETA-made movements are harder than ever to get, Eterna has just announced that they have created a new movement, dubbed the Calibre 39, which is the result of a project that started in 2007. This is potentially a very important announcement for the industry as the Calibre 39 is designed to be both an alternative to many hard to get ETA movements, as well as a strong base caliber for lots of complications.

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Most gadget watches look like toys or novelties for kids. At least people in the watch industry would say that. While a Nano on the wrist was cool, it was hardly a sophisticated looking device. If Apple wants its iWatch to be as successful as the iPhone in appealing to a wide demographic, it needs to design a watch that feels like something an adult might want to wear. That also means not trying to keep the price too low. People are used to paying high prices for good watches (as well as Apple products). Other iWatch speculators seem to think Apple would make a 0 iWatch. That is likely wrong or would be the wrong strategy for Apple entirely. Apple will want to produce the ultimate Apple lifestyle item, and for that to be a success it needs to be something that appeals primarily to a mature, successful, and technologically literate adult.

Mansome host Will Chase speaks with Michael Gordon at Tourneau, who you need to give credit to for trying to explain the complex topic of timepieces in just a few statements. Chase probably emulates the sentiments of your typical watch buyer rather well. If you are reading aBlogtoWatch you are no doubt way beyond the level of someone who would benefit from this video, but what do you think of the advice and suggestions? Good for the novice watch buyer or is there perhaps something better for these people to hear?

HYT: Really difficult to answer because of the number of comments! For example, in just 3 days, last January when we posted the video introducing HYT, we had… 380,000 views on YouTube ! in just 3 days… We have seen how strong can be the impact with a real innovative product. Mixing liquids with mechanics has really stoked the attention worldwide.

Graham Chronofighter Prodive Watches Hands-On

Graham Chronofighter Prodive Watches Hands-On

I did a hands-on review of an Eterna Madison Eight Days watch here. If you recall, I really liked the quality of the watch case and dial, and really liked the movement. However, I felt that the movement looked better than the watch. For 2012, Eterna takes their useful and neat sounding Spherodrive technology and makes an automatic movement out of it with the in-house made Calibre 3834. Don't know what Spherodrive is? Well you can read more about it here from an earlier article on aBlogtoRead.com.

For many years, Rolex deployant clasps stuck out awkwardly under your wrist. With the newest generation bracelets, they offer a much more clean profile - which was a welcome improvement. A lot of people buy the Rolex Submariner over other Rolex watches because of its Glidelock adjustment system. The idea is that you can micro-adjust the size of the bracelet within a few millimeters on the fly. This means that as your wrist naturally expands, you can re-size the bracelet with ease, or increase the size of the bracelet to be worn over a jacket or dive suit. The design and comfort of the bracelet should not be under-estimated, nor should you ignore these elements as a major selling point behind this model of Rolex watch. Sadly Rolex doesn't offer the Glidelock system with even similar watches such as the Explorer II - though you can get it in the beefier Deepsea models. As an interesting tangent, you should check out the spring-loaded system that Rolex/Tudor designed for the Pelagos here.

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Have you entered the December 2012 holiday giveaway on aBlogtoWatch? Second and third place winners get their choice of Frederique Constant or Alpina watches while the first place winner gets an all-expenses paid trip to Geneva to build and take home their very own watch with an in-house made movement. You have just a few more days to enter here.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Caliber 36 RS Caliper Chronograph Watch Review

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Caliber 36 RS Caliper Chronograph Watch Review

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For many people, the moon phase indicator is the ultimate emotional complication. There is a sort of old-world gadgety sense to knowing the information as it has importance to some people who fish or farm. Though we challenge you to find people farming or fishing these days who are wearing elegant high-end mechanical watches while out in the field. While the moon is our closest celestial neighbor, its phases don't have much importance to most of us 99.9% of the time. Plus, we are fortunate enough to know - with perhaps even more precision - the phase of the moon just by looking up at the sky each night. So even if you are someone who needs to know what is going on with the moon on a regular basis, glancing at your mechanical watch isn't really much better than simply looking for that large bright thing in the sky at night.

1. Tourbillon

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The DB16 Tourbillon Regulator's dial is all beauty. From the depth to the decoration, this is classic, yet unique. Blued Breguet style hands are graceful looking while the indicators are well laid out. Windows are placed for the month and day of the week, while a subsidiary date window sits below the moon phase dial (which also has a small window that acts as the leap year indicator). Extremely legible, this watch well-highlights its functions as well as decorative features. This is among the few 0,000 plus watches that simply 'want' to be worn on a daily basis.